Our therapists

Dear visitor, colleague or future group therapy attendee,

Welcome to Berlin Art Therapy (abbr. BAT), a platform for organizing and offering Group Therapy to the expatriate population of Berlin.

My name is Marius Presterud, a Psychological Counselor and Norwegian-lisenced Psychologist working between Oslo and Berlin, as a therapist and as an artist in my own right.

I received my state-authorization over 10 years ago and went on to hold positions in the public and private health sector for several years, working in such diverse levels of the health care system as day clinics, acute care, group therapy units, private institutions, privately run psychologist offices, as well as a test administrator for private contractors.

I've worked short- and long-term, diagnostically and therapeutically, with both individuals, families and groups. I've organized and led meetings with family physicians and other health personnel to launch viable strategies into the world, when patient’s problems were multifaceted and complex.

In 2015, I was drawn to art’s didactic and remedial potential, and starting my own art- and research based art practice. This allowed me to work cross-disciplinary with things such as art program coordinating, curating group exhibition, and initiating international research networks. Then, in 2019, I rebooted my clinical practice here in Berlin, in order to organize and run BAT.

Through BAT and with the help of co-therapists, I aim to offer Berliners, expatriates and other ‘where-evers’ help with the tricky, everyday topics of our time - having a sense of purpose, feelings of belonging, and being of use to society and loved ones.

In our sessions I will offer council, motivation, comforting, new ways of looking at things, as well as challenge you along the way, so you will reach the goals for your therapy.

For a full list of my credentials, see my counsellor profile on the counsellor platform Stillpoint Spaces BerlinIt's Complicated.

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