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Group-analytic Art Therapy, Spring 2021

“Unshared stress is a central factor in the origin of illness.”

- Charles E. Fritz (DISASTERS AND MENTAL HEALTH, 1996)

BAT's next groups are planned to start Spring 2021, once the current lock-down is lifted. English will be the main spoken language in this group, and there will be a maximum of eight participants in the group.

The first half of every session will have an art-therapeutic focus, the second half will have a more traditional talk-therapeutic focus.

The artistic media used in the group will be clay. The use of clay in therapy capitalizes on the unique characteristics of this tactile, highly sensory medium. Clay calls out to be explored by the senses, to be pushed, pulled, moulded, hollowed out, and to be added to, piece by piece by piece. No prior experience with sculpting is required.

If you would like to have a meeting to know more about this group or if it is the right thing for you, click here.