Fees and additional services

Clincal services

Individual session, including initial meeting, 50mins - 90 Euro

Group therapy session, 120 mins shared - 45 Euros
(Attendees of the group therapies pay for four sessions at a time, one month in advance - 180 Euros)

Short attestation, referrals & epicrisis’ - 20 Euro

Individual follow-up outside of regular agreements 45-60mins  - 100 Euro

Consultancy services

Personality type testing, 120mins (Myer-Briggs typology test, non-pathology oriented) - 250 Euro

Lecture, 1h + 4h preperations - 250-400 Euro, depending on topic (topical example: “How Does Art Heal?”)

Therapist supervision, 60mins - 95 Euro



Cancellation of individual therapy sessions must occur at least 48h prior to agreement. Cancellations after this deadline must be paid as attended. This also includes ‘initial meetings/sessions’. Some flexibility can be possible when it comes to moving appointments on the same day.

Group therapy is paid one month at a time. The client also pays for sessions where they are unable to attend, as one is paying for a place in the group.

Our preferred payment system is Swipe. Pre-payment via Paypal is also possible.

Cancellation of groups

Clients pays for group sessions they are unable to attend, as one is paying for a place in the group.

Clients are recompensated for group sessions cancelled by the therapist. If there is low attendance for any one group session, the therapist will cancell that session if there is less than 2 clients in addition to the group therapist(s). 


Due to language restrictions, I do not offer diagnoses while working in Germany. Having an official diagnosis is something required by most insurance offices, like the Techniker Krankenkasse, for them to be able to recompensate you for the cost of your treatment.

Even though it’s the health insurance’s responsibility to provide and cover necessary treatment, the therapy they offer can sometimes also be restricted to only cover individual therapy, and not include group art therapy.

About confidentiality

Therapists respects the individuals right to privacy and does not share what is learned about patients and related persons during the therapy. All the information you convey to me is treated with strict confidentiality. This also includes that no one else except me will know your name, telephone number and the other information you pass on to me when you first get in contact with me.

If I am in need of information concerning your health, for example from your general physician, I will have to get your consent in advance of contacting them. Likewise, if other health personnel wants information about you from me, I will have to have your consent in advance. 

About journaling

Health personell laws makes it mandatory for me to keep a journal from all sessions and patient-therapist correspondances. The patients journal primary functions as a tool for the psychotherapist and collaborating health personnel when health services are being offered. Therapist must follow a code of conduct for information security and data protection in the healthcare and care services, and are responsible to hinder non-authorized people or entities to gain access to or knowledge about the information collected in the journal. Therapists are bound by law to store all data for a certain number of years, unless instructed otherwise.