Our Approach

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BAT primarily offers talk therapy in a group format. All groups are led by Clinical Psychologists with a Group-analytic specialization or equivalent experience.

Group Therapy can help alleviate a wide variety of common ails and troubles, be it anxiety, depression, lifestyle problems, family and relational difficulties. As well as the tricky, everyday typicalities of our time - having a sense of purpose, feelings of belonging, and being of use to society and loved ones.

But exactly what is Group Therapy and what is Art Therapy?
On the next pages I will try to answer this through some common questions:

1.    What is therapy?
2.    What happens during individual therapy?
3.    What happens during group therapy?
4.    What happens during art therapy?
5.    Does therapy work?
6.    Do I need therapy?
7.    What is a typical trajectory in therapy?
8.    How long do I have to attend therapy?